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I'm a retired IT support manager for 15 years and in IT for over 30 years and not ***. Unfortunately for me this was relatively new technology to me.

I have installed, configured and utilized many routers in the past, I had purchased a Linksys AC4000 5 months prior and it operated perfectly. I recently purchased a Linksys WRT3200ACM preconfigured router from Flashrouters after utilizing the desktop version of expressVPN from expressVPN. Following the instructions for the install and configuration had flaws in it and the installation did not go well. After many wasted hours of chats, and a couple of days, with various support team members I got nowhere.

Finally, I stuck out on my own experience and background and had some success. While testing the various options in the Router application I discovered the VPN Connection option only produced a blank screen. According to instructions on the internet this option would allow you to change which server you want to utilize. Finally, I had to go back to Flashrouters once again to the various support team members and wasted more hours on chats.

I was eventually informed that this option would NOT work on the IE browser and that the browser had bugs. I was told to download Chrome or Firefox and attempt that option. It finally worked successfully when I downloaded the Chrome browser. How can you market a product that only works properly on certain browsers, let alone not on one of the most popular ones?

To recap, you will need to operate 2 separate web browsers while utilizing the Router application to get the full functionality of the router OR switch from the IE browser to Chrome or Firefox. Router VPN great concept, this product has bugs in it that need addressing. In addition, that there is no phone support and adds hours to solving support issues but saves the company a few dollars.

Lastly, the competence of the various support members in many cases left a lot to be desired. BEWARE before you purchase this product and be aware of what you are getting for high price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Linksys Wrt3200acm Router.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Product does not function completely on ie broswer.

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FlashRouters Review: It's a SCAM


Don't make the same mistake I did buying from FlashRouters.com. Obviously this is some kid in New Jersey selling routers out of his mom's house @ 14 Dorothy Ave in NJ.

I've been going back and forth with Joseph for the past month trying to get my money back!!! To some people, $150 isn't a lot of money but to me IT IS... Why is FlashRouters a scam? Here is my personal experience and review:I bought the ASUS RT N-16 and spent about $150 with shipping charges. It arrived a few days later as promised, however the router looked like it was a dog's chew toy for the majority of it's life.

Literally, scratches and what appear to be *** marks of sorts on the top casing. I spent well over retail cost on amazon to get this thing pre setup with my vpn provider EXPECTING to get a NEW router - Not an old, re-manufactured unit. Immediately I emailed Joseph at FlashRouters and after days of waiting received a reply that he, "could send me a replacement but unfortunately could not refund because the router is fully operational." Thankfully, a swift paypal dispute DID get my money back, and now the flashrouter serves as MY DOG's CHEW TOY. This whole process took so long to resolve, in the meantime I ordered a brand new n-16 from amazon for the same price, received it NEXT DAY, and it turns out the new firmware already works with my vpn provider.

It took all of 15 minutes to setup compared to dealing with scammer joseph taking two weeks of my life that I'll never get back. I win!

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Whittier, California, United States #995384

Please list more cplaonts ! Help others!

Flashrouters does not follow thru with connection problems!

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #884665

This listing is ridiculous! I normally don't go out of my way to post "positive" feedback for companies, but I run a small company and FlashRouters hit it out of the park as far as i'm concerned!

I actually am posting this and another previous rating to show my gratitude.

Dog's Chew toy .... really? I don't know if this guy is talking about a different company, but it's not cool.

Here is the experience I had:

I purchased the Asus "RT N66U Router TomatoUSB FlashRouter" from them and, to say the least, I was completely impressed. I run a small Web Design and Development business, Fake Plastic Websites, and this router (along with a new modem), not only doubled my download times, it more than quadrupled them - don't know a word for 5drupled! I tested it via a service from my provider (Comcast/Xfinity), before and after installing the router, and my download speeds went from just under 20mbps to 120mbps!!! I have screen shots if you don't believe me!

I actually sent the FlashRouters company (apparently a guy "working from his mom's house") an email detailing what happened and they didn't even believe it! That's how awesome they are.

I would recommend this (and all FlashRouters products) to anyone looking to increase the speed of their wifi!

And FYI: I run a mac and Airport has nothing on this!!!! And i’m an apple guy for everything else!!!

to Fakeplasticweb #979615

Yup I'd say that person is right as far as a chew toy. They offered me to send me another one or refund me mine after keeping it for 1 week then tell me there is nothing wrong with it, so what do you think they do when they keep it and send another one or refund it(which I did not choose that option thankfully because I read horror story about this outfit not refunding the damaged merchandise)a chew toy.

I had problem getting my router back through customs because these idiots couldn't fill out a commercial invoice properly. After asking them to simply redo the commercial invoice and fax it over to fedex stating "repaired under warranty" simple enough no not for them.

Scammer are washing their hands of the whole thing. So I will have to go to fedex and find any paper work I have on this piece of garbage excuse me chew toy and try and get it back because I'm not paying customs and taxes again on something that belongs to me because of lazy scammer

Fremont, California, United States #853903

I bought a Netgear 7000 router flashed with dd-wrt from FlashRouters a couple of months ago. I didn’t have any technical problem with the flashing and said so in my feedback to them.

However, I added a comment about my dissatisfaction with their support when I asked them to look at how I configured the router for attached hard drive. The support guy said that they didn’t cover that and refused to comment. I reiterated in an email that I wasn’t asking for any sort of guarantee from them, just a look from them to see if I had done anything that was obviously ***. I was referred to the fine print on their website that states that they are only responsible for the flashing.

There were several emails back and forth and the support guy absolutely refused to look at the screen shot I sent to him even though I paid $25 for the support PLUS plan and $35 for an extended warranty.

So, keep in mind that the flashing voids your warranty so you don’t have access to the manufacturer for questions and FlashRouters will only answer limited questions. They will not even give an opinion when you say in writing that you won’t expect them to guarantee their answer.

One last comment is that my feedback never got posted on their website so I suspect that all of those 5 star reviews have been cherry picked. I never got an email or call back to check on the complaint I made either.

Their website makes it sound as if they are just a friendly bunch of tech-savvy people that will be more than happy to help you with your router.

Not so in my case. Be sure to read the fine print.

to video-rat England, United Kingdom #874346

Here a company answers that they do not support a feature clearly and then the guy gets upset that they do not make recommendations for the feature they do not support. This is like asking the Netflix recommendation engine for the best music to listen to.

Sounds pretty backwards, and sounds like a simple bit of reading would have done the trick for you. The whole purpose of open source is that you have access to a community of users that is active and engaged.


This sounds like a vendetta to me. I have purchased a router from FlashRouters and had no issues or complaints. Just wanted to add my two cents.

to dragger #1100035

Anyone, who would pay extra money like almost twice as much for someone to flash free firmware on a router needs to stop and think before doing it. I suggest taking the time to read and learn how to do it yourself so you can expand your knowledge. The more you learn the less dependent you are on other people and the less chance you have of becoming a victim to a scam whether it be a router, a computer or automobile knowledge is always your friend !

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